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FromIn addition to the conventional payment methods, payment with various credit cards is now possible.

The GummyWax is a new material for translucent candles born in Furano, Hokkaido.
It has a high level of transparency, just like glass or ice, and it can maintain its own shape when lit, so that it can also be used for free standing candles, allowing greater freedom of expression for the creator.

Enjoy quiet conversations with a flickering flame and a sense of fulfillment from treasuring peaceful moments.
We hope to open up a new world for lighting, together with all the lighting creators.

New Invention: The GummyWax Material for Candles
The GummyWax, a material we have carried out much original research for,
is a translucent wax material that is both hard and elastic.

Furano Candle Ships has performed much original research for this newly developed translucent,
hard wax which can maintain its form even when lit and which can also be used for
free standing candles.

In addition to stability when lit, a muted smell, and less soot, we also tried to achieve a transparency like that of ice with this special, original material and we used high purity, high quality materials produced in Japan to make it.

We hope that everyone from professional candle makers to those making candles as a hobby will try it out. -------More

GummyWax lab

A laboratory combining a workshop with the production and sale of the GummyWax

We are the sole manufacturer producing and selling the GummyWax.

We produce all of the GummyWax ordered around Japan in this lab.

We also perform a diverse array of applied research such as in the development of new applications, the adjusting of wax hardness, and the production of blended waxes for production purposes.

The GummyWax is delivered from Furano, Hokkaido.

The GummyWax Purchase Information

Materializing the creative ideas of the many individuals involved in candle making

If you are engaged in artistic activities, if you are a classroom lecturer, or if you are just interested
as an individual, give the GummyWax a try.

As this is a new material we think that original research and trial and error will probably be required
before you can get used to it, but we believe that, going forward, there will be more and more people
using the GummyWax to produce completely novel candles.

While they are somewhat small, we also have free samples to experience the springy texture and superior level of transparency for yourself. ------More

Introduction to Artists Using the GummyWax

This page introduces candle artists who have used the GummyWax developed by our company.

Here we introduce artists using the GummyWax around Japan from whom we have requested a contribution and received an affirmative reply.

We have collected a variety of individual works such as encounters with the GummyWax
and thoughts on candles. ------More

Facebook [GummyWax Lab]
This is a forum where we put together the collected methods of production
and specifications for candles without losing the GummyWax features
that we developed, in the form of posts on the “Notes” page.

Facebook [FURANO Candle Ships]
We will update this forum as needed, such as with daily events
and seasonal changesin Furano City, Hokkaido as seen through
the lens of candle making.

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