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This is translucent wax for free standing candles
that maintain their form when lit.

We sell the GummyWax as a candle making material to manufacturers
considering new markets with translucent waxes and individuals with
classrooms or workshops.

The GummyWax is a hard wax that maintains its form and it is free standing
when lit. GummyWax was developed by our company with materials produced
in Japan and it is designed for versatile, high-quality free standing
translucent candles with superior properties, a muted smell, and little soot.

Approximate Temperatures for Handling: 140℃ - 160℃
Approximate Fragrance Concentration: 2 - 5% by mass
Pour Point: Approx. 110℃ 
Flash Point: Approx. 251°C or higher

The GummyWax Lab Facebook page provides explanations for various types of candles including handling methods and tips for production.
There is a “Notes” page on the left hand menu. Please refer to this page.

The GummyWax comes in a zippered bag and an easy to
use size at 800 grams.
You can take out as much as you want to use and preserve
the rest inside the bag.

Size: Approximately 100 mm x 170 mm x 55 mm in height
Form: 800 g block
State: OPP packing, in a zipper bag 
Home Delivery Size: Size 60

1 bag 800g
Price: 3,000Yen (tax and shipping fees not included)

Set of 12 bags with 800 grams each. Bargain 9.6 kg set.

Form: 800 g blocks 12 bags
State: Each block packed in an OPP plastic bag with a zipper 
Home Delivery Size: Size 80

1 box 9.6 kg
Price: 22,600Yen (tax and shipping fees not included)

Provided in 3.5 kg blocks. 5 block set 1 box, 17.5 kg total.

A size that’s easy to use when melting the wax.
A set of 4 blocks that are approximately 220 mm by 340 mm
in height by 60 mm.

Form: 3.5 kg blocks (5)
State: Each block packed in an OPP plastic bag   
Home Delivery Size: Size 100

1 box 17.5 kg
Price: 35.000Yen (tax and shipping fees not included)

To those overseas who are considering purchasing the GummyWax

We will handle overseas orders insofar as is possible.
Please contact us using the email address first with your questions.

Purchase Infomation
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Please place your order by email. Clicking here will start an email program.

There are an increasing number of instances where reply emails
from our company are unable to go through.

 For those individuals using cellphones or free email services.

Please check your settings for receiving emails on your PC or cellphone
before making an inquiry or placing an order.

Please adjust your settings so that you are able to receive emails from

Free Samples of the GummyWax®

We have free samples for you to experience the feel and
transparency of this completely novel, highly elastic
translucent wax.

The free sample is only about 60 g in size, please try it once.
When billing from overseas, please pay only the shipping fee.

Please place your request for a sample by email.

Clicking here will start an email program.

Please submit y our request after listing the address where
the sample is to be sent and your name.

Facebook [GummyWax Lab]
This is a forum where we put together the collected methods of production
and specifications for candles without losing the GummyWax features
that we developed, in the form of posts on the “Notes” page.

Facebook [FURANO Candle Ships]
We will update this forum as needed, such as with daily events
and seasonal changesin Furano City, Hokkaido as seen through
the lens of candle making.

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