Information for the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

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Operating company uno Inc.
CEO Okumura Hitomi
Shimizuyama, Furano City, Hokkaido,JAPAN 〒076-0048 (no lot number)
TEL/FAX 0167-22-0423
(Please send inquiries via email as work in the workshop will prevent
us from answering the phone.)
Closed: Sundays and holidays (and some other odd days)
Open: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
*Opening hours may be changed and there may also be temporary closures.

Necessary Fees Besides
Product Fees
☆ Shipping fees
☆ Handling fees (for postal transfers, bank deposits, and cash on delivery)
Payment Method Credit card payment(single payment)
Prepayment by bank transfer (includes handling costs)
Payment by cash on delivery (includes handling costs)
☆Deposit Information 1)
North Pacific Bank Furano Branch
Savings Account): 3400084
Name): uno Inc.   

☆Deposit Information 2)
Japan Post Bank
(When making a deposit between Japan Post Banks)
Code: 19760
Number: 16530931
Account Name: uno Inc.

☆(When making a deposit to a Japan Post Bank from another bank)
Branch Name: Kyunanahachi
Branch Number: 978
Deposit Type: Normal deposit
Number: 1653093
Account Name: uno Inc.
○Please select “wire transfer” when transferring money between Japan Post Banks.
○Please ask for the procedures at the counter when sending money by cash from a Japan Post Bank.
Payment Period Limit We normally ask that you deposit the money within five days of your order.
We will ship your order once we have confirmed the deposit.
In the event that the payment period limit is exceeded we will unfortunately have to cancel your order.
Confirming Your Order If you place your order by email or fax we will send you a confirmation email to the email address you registered with the details of your order as quickly as possible.

We will write in detail the contents of the order, the payment amount, whether or not we have it in stock, and the expected shipping date. Please confirm that there are no mistakes such as in the quantity or payment amount.

If you choose to pay by credit card, we will send you an e-mail with the online payment screen URL, so please complete the payment.

If you happen to not receive a response from us within three business days it's possible that the order was not properly processed.

In this case we ask that you contact us again.
Cancellation of Orders We process orders as quickly as possible once we have received an order.
We cannot accept order cancellations after receiving an order. Please fully consider your order before placing it.
Product Delivery Time We normally strive to ship orders the day after confirming payment or within three business days if we are busy or closed for a period.
If by chance we are out of stock we will have you confirm the details again by email and then process your order.
Returns and Exchanges Please apply for a return or exchange for damages or defects within seven days of receiving the product.
In the event that the error lies with our company we will send you a replacement product as quickly as possible after checking the product, covering the shipping costs ourselves.

We do not accept returns or exchanges for the convenience of the customer.
Thank you for understanding.
Management of Confidential Information Our company respects confidential information (information sufficient for the identification of customers such as names, addresses, and phone numbers) and we carry out appropriate protection and management for this information.
We maintain the valuable personal information that we receive from customers as confidential information and we do not use information for purposes other than shipping orders or notifications, excluding those situations in which we have received consent from the customer or where disclosure is required by law.
We have appointed an individual in charge of handling personal information and this individual performs appropriate management.