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Translucent gel waxes were mainly developed in the US in the 2000s and this led to the creation of a new market.

However, because this wax is for pouring into a glass or a container it has limited uses.
This material is soft and easily deforms and so it is difficult to use for free standing candles
such as taper candles.

We have worked to develop a wax for candles that can stand alone when lit and that has a high level of transparency, as with glass.

A translucent wax that could stand alone as a candle and maintain its form when lit required a fine balance of
performance so as to stabilize the flame and control deformation and dripping due to heat. 。

The GummyWax® Features

We use highly refined, carefully selected mineral oils produced in Japan that have a
high level of purity as our main ingredient.

These mineral oils demonstrate a high level of stability when exposed to sunlight or
heat and they are safe, having passed Japanese food additive standards, the standards
of the Japanese Pharmacopeia, the standards of the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration
in the US), and the standards stipulated for ingredients for cosmetics.

The main ingredient in the gummywax is high purity mineral oil, also used as the base oil
for cosmetics.

High quality, Japanese made elastomers are also used to turn the mineral oil into a gel
and these elastomers adjust the chemical composition for flammability and how well
the gel can stand by itself.

In this way we were able to achieve not only a muted smell, reduced soot,
and stability when lit but also a transparency like that of ice and a hard elasticity
that allows the candle to stand by itself.

This is a material for special, original translucent candles that uses high quality,
high purity ingredients produced in Japan.

Made in Furano JAPAN

The GummyWax Movie ・・47seconds

This candle was produced just by cutting out the gummywax
and inserting a wick,but it’s simple and translucent and
the light of the flame pouring out from the slit is beautiful.

We hope that you have the chance to experience what it’s like
when the candle is actually burning, how it maintains its form
and doesn’t drip even in heat, the stable form, the transparency
when in light, the hard elasticity, and the glass like quality
that exceeds the bounds of traditional translucent waxes.

Click here for the GummyWax safety data sheet (SDS)-----  632Kb  GummyWax_sds.pdf 

Facebook [GummyWax Lab]
This is a forum where we put together the collected methods of production
and specifications for candles without losing the GummyWax features
that we developed, in the form of posts on the “Notes” page.

Facebook [FURANO Candle Ships]
We will update this forum as needed, such as with daily events
and seasonal changesin Furano City, Hokkaido as seen through
the lens of candle making.

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