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The GummyWax is made in Furano, Hokkaido.

The GummyWax Lab is halfway up a small hill, often called Budogaoka, in northwestern Furano City,
surrounded by the nature of Furano.

This is a quiet place.
The Furano basin in the middle of Hokkaido is hot in the summer and intensely cold in the winter,
but one can acutely feel the changes of the four seasons and it is an exceptionally appealing place.

The GummyWax was developed under the idea of creating a candle like that of “morning ice”
on a sunny day in winter.

The GummyWax has now come to fruition after a long period of thinking and problem solving.

The time spent on development and testing was long, but the moment we completed these novel,
beautiful candles was a moment of incomparable bliss.

The production and sale of the GummyWax

We are hoping for a new translucent wax market from the greater freedom of expression with
candles made using the GummyWax, which maintains its form and can be used for free standing candles.

We sell the GummyWax as a material for a variety of applications in the novel candle market
such as to manufacturers considering new markets because of translucent candles,
professional candle makers, candle courses, and individual artists.

Going forward more and more people will be using this completely new type of translucent candle
which can only be expressed with the free standing and translucent qualities of the GummyWax.

Research, development, and OEM

We are a candle manufacturer and we developed the GummyWax
based on the prior experience we had in using a variety of waxes.

While candle manufacturers have unique waxes and these are
gradually spreading around, we've worked to develop applications
that meet various and individual needs which were not met in
the existing market.

The development of an OEM candle product using the GummyWax
was furthered not only through the technology we had cultivated
in our personal experience but also by sharing know-how with
individuals in other industries and by performing cooperative development.

We have also performed a variety of applied research such as
in the development of new applications and in adjusting the
hardness for production purposes.

Click here for the GummyWax safety data sheet (SDS)-----  632Kb  GummyWax_sds.pdf 

Facebook [GummyWax Lab]
This is a forum where we put together the collected methods of production
and specifications for candles without losing the GummyWax features
that we developed, in the form of posts on the “Notes” page.

Facebook [FURANO Candle Ships]
We will update this forum as needed, such as with daily events
and seasonal changesin Furano City, Hokkaido as seen through
the lens of candle making.

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