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uno Co., Ltd. (Uno)

The concept "is health, environment, a heart"

We put the color of the four seasons and the fragrance of the plant based in Furano, Hokkaido to shake; and in "FURANO STYLE"
It is an original candle production maker to send making it to particular original manufacturing, thing.

An overwhelming, simple impression when I put the body in nature of Furano
"Manufacturing" Of "making it a thing" is the origin.

uno representative director Kazumi Okumura (Hitomi Okumura) Co., Ltd.
PROFILE Okumura PROFILE Okumura 02

uno director production responsibility Yutaka Nasuno (Yutaka Nasuno) Co., Ltd.
PROFILE Nasuno 01 PROFILE Nasuno
It is a hateful thing to be taught by a person, and anything studies the making of self-education, candle by itself
The candle is very photogenic.  Well, I make the candle which I want to take with oneself.
According to Maya career, I am "a blue hand" 


Furano is a town rich naturally letting it is big and feel the potential power that the candle including a color and a fragrance and the fluctuation has.

All of the change of nature which I decided that I set a root in Furano and sensed bodily was light itself of the candle. 

So that I express such charm of Furano in a candle, and a person having you use it can spend time wealthily

I want to produce it carefully. 

Wind rustles in a heart 

A heart sends a light becoming warm with a blush from Furano.

List of Candle Product


グミワックス-海氷 ice floe-umikoori

グミワックス-海氷フローティングキャンドル floating-umikoori

グミワックス-いろはキャンドル iroha-cubic

グミワックス-cielo cielo

グミワックス-copo copo

グミワックス-aloha Aloha Stones

グミワックス-ゼリーキャンドル Ice Jelly


woodenwick-ナイトノイズ Night noise

woodenwick-kanon Kanon


ミツロウ-ピラー Herb Dew Pillar

ミツロウ-たまご Herb Dew TAMAGO

ミツロウ-ジャガイモのキャンドル JagaCandle
Natural Soy Wax

ソイワックス-ウッドキャンドル Sorachi-Wood

ソイワックス-ストーンキャンドル Sorachi-Stone



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