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Furano candle ships OEM

I do the correspondence of the OEM candle for the feelings of the visitor carefully.
I am reliable and, with high quality material, suggest a candle of high quality in an effective schedule.

Production, shop, various salon-like beginning, hotel and wedding-related company
I accepted the feelings of the visitor with definite material to all of you who thought of the development with the original product
I suggest a high quality candle.

OEM lot 01

The aroma candle derived from the plant which is eatables in particular heard the delivery of goods that I subdivide the gross weight in us.
I consider it each time to send the candle of the fresh one to a visitor.
Furano candle ships OEM
When I produce an original aroma candle, it costs for development including wound incense with great time
Because produce all candles in company studio throughout; including wound incense and a sample making change and the correction quickly correspondence
A development period and the expense are compressed by being able to do it.

With soy wax and beeswax from Furano needing delicate temperature management in candle ships of the grade is high
I produce the aroma candle of the high quality by manual labor to a base with natural essential oil carefully one by one in a studio of Furano.

Furano candle ships fragrance 01 Furano candle ships fragrance 02

International license engine "ITEC" which the British Ministry of Education, Department of Labor authorizes
(International Therapy Examination council Limited)
Aromatherapist of the において qualification lets you do the suggestion of the fragrance of the request and has
I heard wound incense at a fair price by an effective schedule list.

The natural essential oil (essential oil) of the high quality suitable for a candle to a base combustion efficiency
I characterize the impression of the fragrance by blending the fragrance oil which from fragrance ちの that I considered is good for.
Furano candle ships OEM

I introduce an example of client who had you admit a publication about real OEM trust.

A vague trouble became gradually concrete and was announced as a product first in the world.
I introduce an example of the new development (development type) of the original product.

Furano candle ships OEM

I perform it from wound incense to development, production in our studio throughout
I offer an OEM candle of high quality to a demand quickly.
I work hard to meet a demand for ordering by the lot with a few personal visitors as much as possible.

Furano candle ships OEM
In the duties in the studio, I ask for an inquiry, the question by an email although being really selfish. Please refer willingly.

List of Candle Product


グミワックス-海氷 ice floe-umikoori

グミワックス-海氷フローティングキャンドル floating-umikoori

グミワックス-いろはキャンドル iroha-cubic

グミワックス-cielo cielo

グミワックス-copo copo

グミワックス-aloha Aloha Stones

グミワックス-ゼリーキャンドル Ice Jelly


woodenwick-ナイトノイズ Night noise

woodenwick-kanon Kanon


ミツロウ-ピラー Herb Dew Pillar

ミツロウ-たまご Herb Dew TAMAGO

ミツロウ-ジャガイモのキャンドル JagaCandle
Natural Soy Wax

ソイワックス-ウッドキャンドル Sorachi-Wood

ソイワックス-ストーンキャンドル Sorachi-Stone



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