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I use natural blend wax of soy wax (soybean), the plant oil. The Wooden Wick aroma candle that the sound that a fluctuation and the tree of wide flame pop is comfortable.

The wide wooden core that I heard a sound popping of the tree gave a candle the new perception value called "the sound to turn on" small when I turned it on

I use organic soy wax (soybean)
The sound that a fluctuation and the tree of wide flame pop is comfortable
It is Wooden Wick aroma candle.

It is the candle which was in the can which does not miss a fragrance

I shake with a light
The sound that the tree pops if I listen carefully

And in a good-quality fragrance

Calmly the five senses
It is thrown open

The main specification

Soy( soybean) Wax
A core: WoodenWick
Canned aluminum with the black lid
A craft box:67×77mm
      63mm in height

Three kinds of fragrances

Weight: Approximately 95 g
Combustion time: Approximately 12 h

A price: Each fragrance
  2.500yen (tax-excluded)

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WoodenWick-ナイトノイズグラス WoodenWick-カノン

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