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We put the color of the four seasons and the fragrance of the plant based in Furano, Hokkaido to shake and handcraft an original candle of "FURANO STYLE".

I load "FURANO,HOKKAIDO PRODUCT" with image scenery moving "the heart" that I felt to be north country Furano and send the time when it is calm and is rich.

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I begin to sell frano-style candle precedence with the 3.4 floor reopening of the Loft Shibuya shop
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New development independence model transparent gel-formed wax


It is the new development wax that transparence that there is little getting out of shape and becomes independent even if I turn it on, and to be able to turn on that Furano candle ships researched and developed originally is hard.

Gummy Wax came out of such thought that wanted to make a candle such as the ice such as the glass.


"Candle ships" original candle Products

We are candle studios in north country Furano.

All sound and having felt for the five senses such as the color てが at dusk that light and windblown trees sensed bodily in Furano shake

The new product using the new development wax that transparence to become independent, and to be able to turn on is hard is a debut one after another.


List of Candle Product


グミワックス-海氷 ice floe-umikoori

グミワックス-海氷フローティングキャンドル floating-umikoori

グミワックス-いろはキャンドル iroha-cubic

グミワックス-cielo cielo

グミワックス-copo copo

グミワックス-aloha Aloha Stones

グミワックス-ゼリーキャンドル Ice Jelly


woodenwick-ナイトノイズ Night noise

woodenwick-kanon Kanon


ミツロウ-ピラー Herb Dew Pillar

ミツロウ-たまご Herb Dew TAMAGO

ミツロウ-ジャガイモのキャンドル JagaCandle
Natural Soy Wax

ソイワックス-ウッドキャンドル Sorachi-Wood

ソイワックス-ストーンキャンドル Sorachi-Stone



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