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Wax of clear candle exclusive use like the hard gel from which the kind isn't judged in an other company is New-released.

I can produce the production process of the candle using GummyWax in a tool and the materials which are similar to general gel-formed transparent wax without special facilities.
I explain points to keep in mind about the temperature management to melt wax.

Because there is the risk of a mist and the ignition by the open fire of the flame including the gas, like general gel-formed transparent wax, please use a hot plate and the IH cooker.

・The melting point is high with approximately 115 degrees Celsius with wax with strong elasticity with a little getting out of shape with an independence type.

・I begin to dissolve it with a hot plate or an IH cooker, and return the temperature of the cooking device to the setting of approximately 150 degrees Celsius if you melt approximately half Perfection, please into a a liquid form.

・I may change color by the heat oxidation when I put it up than 160 degrees Celsius.

・Please begin to dissolve it slowly partially not to become too much hot while taking temperature by all means.

・Wax vaporizes when I warm it at a high temperature at a stretch too much, and smoke appears.

・I melt efficiently when I dissolve it after cutting wax finely to some extent.

・Because temperature of the handling is high, a silicon type is most suitable for the model.

Pour it into a silicon type or a heat-resistant model; the temperature of time
140 ℃ - around 150℃ .

Just to cut blocking of the wax with a knife and scissors, and to put a core
A candle of transparent feel of a material with the depth such as the glass is completed.

・I can use liquid dye for exclusive use of dye, a color, transparence wax for candles for the coloration.

・The dye is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, and there are fading and color migration, but draws translucency and feel of a material of the wax.

・The feature of the color is that it is hard to do color sweat and discoloration, but a core does blocking when I put it too much.

・0.05% - around 0.1% are aims of the quantity of combination for wax weight to keep translucency

Cloudiness leaves in wax by the kind of the fragrance or quality, a blend like general gel-formed transparent wax about the fragrance and
富良野キャンドルシップス There is the risk of a case and the ignition that normal combustion is not provided. I would like enough tests in responsibility of user beforehand.

・Good fragrance oil of the fragrance durability is suitable.

・As for the quantity of addition, please make 2% - around 3% an aim for wax weight.

・When there is too much quantity of addition to wax, influence comes out to elasticity and 保形成 including the separation of the wax by the oil ingredient of the fragrance.

・Because oil volatilizes when wax is too hot, please add it at temperature as low as possible.

So that because the incomplete mixture of the fragrance causes flame blazing irregularly, and the ignition is possible, it is not possible for the pocket of the ingredient to be fragrant

Please be careful

The mixture with the transparent wax of other companies has the risk of the ignition. Please absolutely avoid it. Please use it in GummyWax simple substance.

As for the surface around the core, a state without air bubbles, please.
The aspect to contact with a model air-rich save it, and take oxygen from air bubbles, and may cause combustion abnormally.

When you dissolve it again and use it, please use the twice for a limit.
A change may occur in the hardness or the viscosity by the degree of the oxidation, and influence may be reflected on combustion.

A strict combustion test by user is necessary about a fragrance, the use of other additives including the coloration.


富良野キャンドルシップス A question is the email including the price for duties, and, please refer.

List of Candle Product


グミワックス-海氷 ice floe-umikoori

グミワックス-海氷フローティングキャンドル floating-umikoori

グミワックス-いろはキャンドル iroha-cubic

グミワックス-cielo cielo

グミワックス-copo copo

グミワックス-aloha Aloha Stones

グミワックス-ゼリーキャンドル Ice Jelly


woodenwick-ナイトノイズ Night noise

woodenwick-kanon Kanon


ミツロウ-ピラー Herb Dew Pillar

ミツロウ-たまご Herb Dew TAMAGO

ミツロウ-ジャガイモのキャンドル JagaCandle
Natural Soy Wax

ソイワックス-ウッドキャンドル Sorachi-Wood

ソイワックス-ストーンキャンドル Sorachi-Stone



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