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Wax of clear candle exclusive use like the hard gel from which the kind isn't judged in an other company is New-released.

The wax gel-formed with conventional transparence to a glass and a container pour it, and a purpose of use is restrictive because exclusive, and is soft, and shape retention characteristics are bad
The application to independence type candle such as the pillar shape was difficult.

About wax for the transparent candles which are hard in self-subsistence in uno Co., Ltd. and production
I push forward research and development originally and am applying for a patent now.

I become independent, and turn it on, and the market of a new candle is expected for a free idea for transparence wax with a little getting out of shape even if I turn it on.

Characteristic of gel-formed GummyWax® (silverberry wax)

I include mineral oil and specific thermoplastic elastomer with a domestic high ignition point.
Furano candle ships
A main material is mineral oil having high purity that purified mineral oil made in Japan selected carefully highly.

There are few smell and soot, too; Nippon Shokuhin additive standard, Japanese pharmacopeia and FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
Coloration thing examination determined by raw materials standards for cosmetics sulfate, nitro naphthalene examination
I passed a paraffin wax examination, a sulfur compound examination, an arsenic examination, a heavy metal examination, an ultraviolet absorbance examination
It is the wax of the gel type for transparence candles using safe mineral oil.
Furano candle ships
Made in Furano JAPAN

Silverberry wax photograph 01

Silverberry wax material 02

I founded uno material (Uno material) with development of GummyWax® in Furano candle ships.

For all of you having a classroom and a lecture in maker and individuals thinking of a new market in a transparence candle
I sell GummyWax® as materials.

The candle using the silverberry wax with a little getting out of shape to become independent, and to be able to turn on
The market of a new transparence wax candle is expected for a free idea.

Besides, the world of totally a new type of transparence candle unique spreads out.

I made a candle of "GummyWax" an animation.。

I really think that you can feel transparent feel of a material by a state and the light to blaze.

Of the feel of a material such as the glass beyond the level of the conventional transparence wax It is independence type hard wax.

Because use material having high domestic purity; in comparison with conventional wax There is little soot, too and is form of purely domestic gel wax with a little getting out of shape even if I turn it on.

List of Candle Product


グミワックス-海氷 ice floe-umikoori

グミワックス-海氷フローティングキャンドル floating-umikoori

グミワックス-いろはキャンドル iroha-cubic

グミワックス-cielo cielo

グミワックス-copo copo

グミワックス-aloha Aloha Stones

グミワックス-ゼリーキャンドル Ice Jelly


woodenwick-ナイトノイズ Night noise

woodenwick-kanon Kanon


ミツロウ-ピラー Herb Dew Pillar

ミツロウ-たまご Herb Dew TAMAGO

ミツロウ-ジャガイモのキャンドル JagaCandle
Natural Soy Wax

ソイワックス-ウッドキャンドル Sorachi-Wood

ソイワックス-ストーンキャンドル Sorachi-Stone



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