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Candle Care  --Care - to turn on a candle neatly till the last--

... which raises a candle!
There is the word to raise a candle. Like I love a flower and an animal
I think that I mean that I take care till the last.

I talk about an art to turn on in an everyday living well.

A core is important!

The heat of the flame dissolves the wax near the core when I light it.。
The wax which became this liquid is drawn up to the upper part by the
capillary action of the core.
The wax is heated in flame and vaporizes and burns.

There are much chemistry and physics behind beauty and light of the
flame of the candle

A core is ・・? made of what
As for the core, the thing which edited a thread of the cotton is common.
There is various size; by the size of the candle and a kind of the wax combustion time
I adjust it in a strict combustion test including the volume of flame.

WoodenWick (core of the tree)
We produce the candle using Woodwick

Because a contact surface with the wax is big in a wide core, fusion of the wax is early
Leaving has just begun the effect of the sound that the tree pops and a quick fragrance
I can tell an aroma candle to be the indispensable most suitable core.

- core - to turn on well
Please turn it on by security at a flat place
The use at a place getting wind and wind of the air conditioning has low dripping and causes the soot. I separate it from the thing which is easy to burn nearby, and, please turn it on.

When you turn it on for the first time, please set fire to the root of the core.
This is because it avoids that only the point of the core burns.

The appropriate length of the core
The length of the core is different by a kind or the size of the wax, but is almost around 6-10mm.
Flame is too loud, and a core is too long when soot appears. Please fix the length of the core after putting
out fire once.
When flame becomes small, please turn it on again after throwing away the low that melts after I put out fire
once in the different container.

It is a lump of carbon that there is in the core point
A lump established in the core point is carbon called "carbon mushrooms".
Because it causes the soot, I put out fire once, and I cut the part of the lump, and, please use it.

As for the core, always leading
A certain core is designed in flame to be twisted in either by all means. I trim it by oneself by there
being this in a core point outside of flame, and burning out
This is because it comes to do it.
Because a core may deviate from the center in this, please sometimes return it to the center with sticks
of the material which does not burn.

Fire extinguishing
Smoke stands when I blow it out, and the smell is left.
Please defeat a core with the fire in the low that just melts in something like stick which does not burn.
without blowing it out.
Smoke and the smell are not left, too and disappear at a stretch.
Without the core forgetting to put it up in the original center again;

- Wax- to turn it on of well

The consecutive combustion of the candle with container is ..?

In the case of the candle which was in a glass and the can, I will turn it on consecutively for two or three hours.
When this repeats combustion of short time, only the center melts; the wax of the circumference
This is because it melts, and it stays.
Until because candle original combustion time is not provided in this, the surface melts equally
Please turn it on consecutively.

The consecutive combustion time of the pillar candle is ・・?
I do time for consecutive combustion restrictively and dissolve only the circumference of the core, and the center becomes hollow when I leave the neighborhood and turn it on.
It becomes like the lantern candle such as the right photograph.

Because, as for the time for consecutive combustion, it is different by the diameter of candle or the setting of the core Please bring him up slowly while enjoying calm time to turn it on.
The candle is exchange time if I turn it on from the bottom to around 2-3cm.
If a diameter can afford, I put a tea light candle and am usable as a lantern.

Method of the safekeeping
The candle to produce in candle ships thinks that "eatables" is near.
This is because it produces it in plant wax and a natural fragrance (essential oil),
delicate material including the translucent dye.

Anything has the secular variation, but the plant system aroma candle keeps it in a cool and dark space.

When wind and sunlight win the aroma candle directly, a fragrance is blown off and wax is sticky and
is accompanied by dust.

Because a fragrance ingredient soaks and may soak when I put it to the wooden furniture depending on
a product directly.

When there has been dust, it is kind, and, please wipe it with the cloth which you moistened a little.

"A candle summarized the hint about the candle in を theme in time to burn before usual life".